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Welcome to the Team Fortress 2 Fan Club. This club was made to celebrate the FPS excellence that is TF2. Whether you're a member of BLU or RED, or maybe just a spy crab, we welcome your support. Now, GO CAPTURE THAT POINT!!!


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Today I woke up to a lot of submits and more than half of them had to be declined.

People, make my job easier, spare yourself nerves and at least read the rules.

In a big shortcut:

- No OCs.
-No FemFortress
-No shipping outside of Saxton x Announcer, RED Spy x Scout's mom and (now lately) Scout x Pauling.
-No ponies
-No furries
-No characters from any other universe than tf2 (I know I accepted a Chell-bot and Freeman-bot, but those have a very, very tf2-like design. So I could make an exception here.)
-No game screenshots
-effortless sketches or bad quality photos of drawings go to Sketches folder.
-Doesn't matter what's on your SFM/Gmod poster - it all goes to SFM & Gmod folder. (Except for MvM content. This goes to Mann versus Machines folder)

And now, if there is somebody who didn't read the points above, I am going to say again:

-NO OCs.

Sorry for yelling like that, but I am declining those everyday.

Edit by admin SIIINS
I wanted to just add a  little to all of this list of the rules (which is very sound and true).
- There are so so many TF2 themed groups on Deviantart and my goal for this one is to be the most canon and truest to the source material. Even though I love femfortress and I support ocs, they are sadly not canon. But! There are groups just for that! Pretty sure even for ponies and furries and you will definitely find better audience for your work in those groups. So you can still get to submit your work and show it off, but just not in this group!
- Quality should ALWAYS be important and not only concerning blurry or too much noise filled photos of sketches or cosplays but also gmod pictures. Gmod screenshots that still have your health amount visible or are taken on flattywood and are very badly processed will also get declined.
- It goes without saying that screenshots from ingame, no matter how funny, will also get declined. Why do you have them posted on Deviantart in the first place?
- Speaking of cross-overs though, I'm sure I've said this somewhere before but TF2 characters set in some other series' universe will most likely be accepted. But completely unrelated characters to TF2 in a TF2 character's clothing or in a TF2 map will be declined. I think it's a simple rule to follow. This is like the only thing that kind of steps away from being strictly canon.
- Also, please check to which folder you are posting! I know there is a limit on how much you can post daily/weekly but that is only because this group has grown so large and there are a lot of new submissions daily and I had to put on some sort of limit to not get my and your inbox flooded. So if you think that you can cheat your way into by posting in the wrong folder you are just making the mods a bit sad.

Sorry I didn't keep it short, I got a rambly mood. But I'm very thankful to see that this group is still super active and there are people having fun and being supportive so let's continue having that fun!
See ya!
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Can I join?
Anybody can join! You will be added automatically.
But please read the rules before posting!

What can I submit?
Drawings, paintings, cosplays, crafts, stamps, stories/fanfics, Garry's Mod/SFM pictures and 3D creations are all acceptable.

What are some the club's submitting criteria?
1. We won't accept effortless scribbles so please note the quality of your work. Do not spam the group with sketches or bad photos of drawings on lined paper, you get the idea.

2. TF2 is a mature rated game, so submissions with violence, blood, swearing and cartoonish/comical gore are acceptable. However sexual themes, complete nudity and slash are not accepted. For slash please visit TF2-Slash or TF2-Sexymans

3. Do not post game or any other screenshots. And make sure your Gmod submissions are quality.

4. No ponies, anthro, furries etc (this also includes spycrabs and tentaspies). No FemFortress, sorry, no pairings outside of Spy/Scouts mum and Announcer/Saxon Hale, no OCs. OCs please visit TF2OCs for Femfortress characters please visit FemFortress2

5. About crossovers. These are accepted if it's mostly TF2. Like the mercs drawn in some specific style or setting, or posing as some other characters or doing some actions that are characteristic to other stuff. Not the other way around. Also random models from other games put together with TF2 models in gmod won't be accepted.

If a piece is submitted and accepted that doesn't follow these rules please direct a mods attention to it and it will be checked out and removed if necessary. We are only human and sometimes we make mistakes. Also don't get mad if your submission isn't approved for some time. We have lives.

Can I be a moderator?
Most likely, no. I currently have no need for extra mods. But if I do, I will ask people in private thru a note.

Can I give you some ideas/advice/suggestions/etc.?
Sure, we love getting feedback from the community. If you have anything to say, send the club a note.
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ok i was reading the rules and why is shipping not allowed? I mean, not that i have that much of a problem with it, i just don't get it. I'm really closed minded XD
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if i crossover my ocs with TF2 like this…
in what folder should i put them?
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